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The professionalism of data management and the advancement of data practices will be a significant contributor to a better world and better life on earth.

Our Services help get you there quicker and sustain your gains.

Fundamental data services

That is why we offer our clients three fundamental Data Services that quicken the pace to have data dance to the tone of your business, namely:

All Service Models
All Service Models
Project Based Service Models

We offer three service models:

Project based - handover and post support | Data as a Service - continuous support | Data as a Product - handover and train

Data Monetization

1. Data Monetization rapid framework set up: we establish data monetization practice, train your staff on the building blocks, business outcomes, and stakeholder management for clients with a focus on maturity.

2. Data Monetization operating model set up: we establish a data monetization strategy, and establish an operating model anchored into your business model for clients who want outcomes with a balance of capability and value building.

3. Data Monetization productization and pilots: we help you with your first data monetization experience. We build a data monetization culture with awareness and inclusion. We mentor clients who want to have a first experience of data monetization and establish business awareness of the power of data.

Data Governance

1. CDO office as a Service: we identify your profile and set up, augment or enrich your CDO office including a CDO office performance management system.

2. Data Catalogue Rapid Set up as a Service: we scan your data ecosystem, help you identify and document data business cases and establish a rapid, sustainable high value data catalogue on knowledge graph to fulfil AI, Analytics ambitions.

3. Data Protection Set up as a Service: we have 3 programs to get your data protection efforts under control, namely: data protection advisory, data protection audit, data protection coaching.

Data Ecosystem

1. Data Ecosystem Modernization: we diagnosis your current state, and establish a path to semantic architecture where we can implement it or handover and play an advisory role for the implementation.

2. Data Lakehouse: we create rapid deployment semantic layers or implement full scale data-lake house and a data fabric or enrich your existing data ecosystem.

3. Data Mesh: we create data mesh for your analytical needs in combination with value chain wide data governance on the basis of semantic architecture.

4. Knowledge graph(s): we create an array of knowledge graphs for data catalogue, data governance, visualization reporting and cloud migration and management.

Our Products

Data is Possibilities , Power and Potential

Our Customer Sentiment Solution - Answers 7 Whys?

We don’t just say yes and no, we can answer 7 layers of why the sentiment is or is not.

Customer 360

Many claim that their approach to customer 360 is leading the market yet you must ask yourself, if they are only doing this with a portion of the “non-high value data” can you truly get a full view of your customer. With our data in context approach, you do.

Usable Medical Records

We combine the insight and power of textual data in abundance in healthcare with systems data to provide outstanding medical records that are of high value and highly actionable in short timelines.

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain has become more critical than ever. It is no longer acceptable to operate business as usual with so many blind spots. Our supply chain approach and next gen data solutions offer you clarity and control the competition can only dream about.

Threat and Fraud Detection

Organizations are target to cyber crime and fraud from within and outside and is increasing at an alarming rate. We give you the disposition of a hacker and fraudsters with graph data technologies and semantic data methods to be on top of defense. Unlike the competition we address this with an enterprise architecture approach; human, process, hardware and data not just applications.

CFO Data as a Service

Understanding what you want is our strategy for your brand. We are always figuring out ways to capture your vision.

Indexed Contract and Document Library

There is a plethora of documents and contracts associate with many operational business processes. Most people are overwhelmed and lack the skill to organize it to distill knowledge from documents and associate data from legacy systems, we slay the paper dragon with semantic and textual methods and solutions, giving you control and better efficient business performance and insight.

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