• Data Monetization is alive

    The single biggest threat preventing you from making money with data resides within your organization. Alstrada helps you deal with the obstacles and reap the benefits of data savvy corporation and governments. It’s time to have value added data enlisted in your arsenal to reshape, revitalize and restart your business.

    • Data is a work horse

      Data is not an enigma, something mysterious nor puzzling. It’s a work horse waiting for your organization to take charge and ride the data economy wave. Our award winning, data experts, book authors, keynote speakers with 20+ years’ experience can take you from Zero to Hero when it comes to exploiting, mastering and taming data. At Alstrada, we make data a valued asset that is impactful, meaningful and actionable to achieve beyond your desired outcomes.

  • What is your relationship with data?

    What is your profile? Are you a business as usual organization, getting little to no results from your data? Are you intimate with your data and spending in program mode, but still unable to state the health and wealth producing capability of your data? Are you booking "successes" but can’t get it productized? Whatever your profile, at ALSTRADA, we can help you change your relationship to a positive one that keeps on giving you benefits.

"Welcome to the new dawn of data, ALSTRADA, where we are on a mission to bring you award-winning data leadership, globally recognized data professionals, data thought leaders, best-selling authors, with unparalleled experience of 20 - 30+ years, to make your data sing any business note you please."

Althea Davis - Alstrada, CEO

Challenges Solved

The biggest threat preventing organizations from making money with data and attaining survival and thriving ambitions are obstacles which reside within the organization. These obstacles prevent better performance, potential growth, creative innovation and resilience on compliance and cyber. At Alstrada, we help you tackle all the challenges you have with our data solution.

Our Vision

To capture the imagination of governments and businesses on the power and potential of data through a data first principled approach to monetize data. We keenly believe that the use of a variety of data, be it yours or others, can harness the power of self-direction, self-actualization and self-control for an organization better than any other assets it possesses and is second to none other than the human asset.

Our Mission

To offer our clients superior data professionals who define the shape of the data market in order to help more organization become data savvy at a faster rate and data empowered.

Our Strategy

We are an expert data management consultancy focused on creating lasting data monetization that is productized and operational before our departure. It is our firm belief that much more can be squeezed out of the data asset when data is practiced seriously, comparable to finance and rooted in the business operations by data literate teams lead by data leaders.

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